Carpet Upholstery Protection

Your carpets and upholstery will look the best they have since they were new. So,'locl in the clean' with ProCares industry leading Guardian Proteection system and enjoy 'stain resistant' noticeably cleaner carperts and upholstery for a full 12 months

Protect the investment in your precious carpet & upholstery by having Pro Care Carpet Clean, the Mornington Peninsula's only certified master carpet technician, apply advanced Guardian carpet protection.

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Guardian Protector for Carpet and Upholsteryacci.png

  • Outstanding water, oil and alcohol repellency
  • No harsh chemical smell. Pleasant aroma
  • pH neutral and is not a harsh solvent-based product
  • May be applied to wet or dry carpet/fabric
  • Guardian's oily soil resistant qualities prevent oil from bonding to the fibre for a clean that lasts and lasts.
  • Guardian retards oil and water-based liquid spills from soaking into the carpet. Spills are now better managed as the protective qualities allow for more efficient removal. This also provides a great benefit with dry abrasive soils that scratch and damage the carpet as they are more efficiently released during routine vacuuming.
  • Guardian lowers the surface energy of the carpet or fabric and creates a barrier that makes the material repel moisture. This process also prevents wicking. (Wicking is the upward motion of water and cleaning solution during drying from the base of a tuft to its tip carrying with it any remaining soil and contamination, which is then deposited on the tips of the tuft.)
  • Guardian treatment will make vacuuming a breeze, as it allows the vacuum head to glide easier over the carpet surface.

What our Customers says...

He always comes on time!… I was so happy!

This was the third time I have used ProCare Carpet Cleaning. The last time I called them  I was desperate. I moved into my new home and the previous owner had left the floors in a mess. I called Milton for help. He always comes on time! No excuses! I could always trust him 100%. I was so happy! My house warming guests were commenting on how good the carpets looked. Thank you so much for a great job!!!

Lynn Movric